Your Younger Years

Looking back now, does it still seem like you?

Does that person from the past, still ring true?

Or are we just living in a, simulation universe,

Where our memories are but, simple verses?

Looking forward, is it all a fog of possibilities?

Does anything turn out, how thought it to be?

Or are we living in a daydream, on high seas,

Forever adrift, on meaningless tide of dreams?

Looking inward, can you find that seed anew?

Can you remember, who you wanted to be now?

Will you decide, to double back down on it all?

And return to your former self, before the fall?

Looking outward, are the people just figments?

Is everything you ever experienced, just a dream?

Is it all taking place inside, of your mind alone?

Is it time to revise, what we know of as home?

Your younger years, may have never really been.

Your latter years, are just a feather on the wind.

Your only matter to deal with today, is at hand,

For the vanes of reality, ever shift with the sands.

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