Your Chance Is Now

You may lose your way, in the middle of all the madness,

You may find someday, it all came at the cost of sadness,

You may judge yourself, you may judge everybody else,

But the day you die, you will learn it was all a lie, unless,

You come to grips with the reality, reason has no rhyme,

You shrug off the hardships to learn, to live is to realize,

What is good and what is pure is, what is sure to thrive,

But what is wrong and wrought with ire, will undermine.

Everything that you ever thought, was so true growing up,

Everything that you ever so caught, in a brimming full cup:

Even if you trick yourself, into believing, this is all there is,

You will wind up delivered, into kneeling, before the crypt.

It is time for all to live up, to the challenge of remembrance.

There is space for everybody, to find, that place in the past,

Long before you were born, when we, were all of one kind,

When then was now, and tomorrow shouldered, every brow.

Eternal friends will never be forgotten, in the onslaught of it.

Determined are we who forsake fear, for the wick staying lit.

Earthly are our brethren who beckon us, to abandon all loss.

Divine is every angel, who seconds every call, to rise on aloft.

Wicked are those who summon, their inner foes to trip you up,

But ticking are their hearts to the beat, of the beasts of bad luck,

For those that fall, will one day recall, where the track truly led,

And everyone, who just once repents, will sing the song undead.

So try to forget your animal instincts, in the fray of the surreal,

When all seems lost, and all is at stake, in any season so unreal,

For the time is now, and the chance is then, to make up with fate,

As we fall in line, with the dance of destiny’s date, so deliberate.

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