Turn Fear Upside Down


If ever you were too tired to walk it off,

If ever you were too wired to worry not,

If ever you dragged your feet in failure,

If ever your ragged edges frayed further,

Whether or not you ever got a chance then,

Whether or not you ever lost every friend,

Whether you fell or whether you fired off,

Whether you were foiled or so torn to dust,

Loved are the ones who choose to try more,

Fortunate are the sons, who strive so forlorn,

For those who once withered, will soon soar,

Those who once weathered, will soon score,

Every time there comes a valley, so hills rise,

Every time there comes a wall, open new skies,

Every time there seems no help at all, in sight,

Those are the times there arises, a new flight,

Every day that you think, the edges draw nigh,

Every hour that you surmise, an end runs on by,

Every minute that you alight, from courage now,

Those are the moments to turn fear, upside down.

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