The Myth Of Legends

The Myth Of Legends – Wade/Torr

You may think, there’s no right, or wrong,

There’s no God or Grave, there’s no song.

You may wish, to list it all, as a feather,

On a gust of wind, in the fall, of forever.

You may choose to challenge, eternal chains,

To change what chance, may bring to claims,

To go against the grain, wherever it grows,

Wherever, the course of day, forever flows.

But life catches up, all fishers of fable,

As the fissures, of reality, disassemble,

The fabric of morality, and myths of time,

Casting them unto, blue seas, so sublime.

So stand your ground, at the far precipice,

As you wish, for your agency, is your gift,

But be forewarned, the future is forsaken,

To those who dismiss, the mantle of Maker.

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