The Heydays Of Halcyon Nights


We hit the walk talking, about nothing,

But what comes, what may on, in stride,

Just trying, to keep the old, buzz going,

Before the next day, drove out, the tide.


We lit the smoke, and looked to, the sky,

Illuminated by, a new moon, passing by.

Night was, the right time, to be reborn,

Before tomorrow, took it, away, in turn,


In the heydays, of our halcyon, nights,

We were more, innocent, next to, tonight,

But the right way, to reason, with time,

Is to realize, we’re still, the same inside,


We sat by, the intersection, of fate, and folly,

Fuelled by, the alcohol, of late, light-posts,

Alchemy, and happenstance, led us each all,

To our yesterdays, and what we, love most.

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