Streets of Ease (Heaven For Hire)


There was once a day, not very long ago,

When one was free then to come and go,

When times were still tough, but yet still.

We were still all human enough, to know,

That things would always, soon get better,

Before year’s end, a bend, and we’d jettison,

On to the next letter, of life’s long alphabet.

But best laid plans, have now changed bets.

Today the way is paved long, with red flags,

With pitfalls and prejudices, on toward all,

That were designed, by evil, devious intent,

To undermine the humanity, in grace’s fall.

Now what the future holds, is just up to us,

It is the people’s decree, to seek out justice,

Not the will of those, who would hide out,

No power to the pulpit, of shadow’s doubt.

So be brave in your resolve and patience all,

For the angels of our ancestors, are on call,

Ready to rally and resist, against darkness,

As the world awakens, to a new dawn next,

And then one morning, in the near distance,

A drumbeat will herald, in the Sun’s rebirth,

As we reunite with one heart, to rise together,

And rout the rejects of God, to ends of Earth.

Streets of ease, we have every reason to release.

Every season, of this life, is precious in the least,

Every need, every desire, every heart so on fire:

We but lack the higher order, of a Heaven for hire.

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