Hi Rian,

I just read four chapters of your book and I must say I enjoyed reading it.

Modern, urban, gothic and very punkish. The kind of thing I would have liked to read when I was younger.

Your characters are well fleshed out and deliver some great lines.

Your humanised monsters are believable and have a certain melancholy about them, an almost fatalist attitude but with the desire to continue on their doomed course of life or unliving, so to speak.

Your methods of word construction on the page are almost poetic.

I enjoyed the ebb and flow of the printed word.

The way you reduce and increase your lineage and still say what you need to say shows a mischievous side to you that I like.

I like the seamless filmic quality to your writing.

The description is not overblown and you use just the right amount of words to convey your message.

I enjoyed reading this and can see a future for the undead beyond the pale lack-lustre offerings on film today. You may just be it’s saving grace.

A flurry of stars beamed your way for a great read.

Jack Waters,
Dark Legacy

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