Our Love Is Evergreen


So listen not to forecasts, of a dark winter.

For is it not more to fashion, brighter dawn?

Don your bravest mettle, for this big battle,

Will so test us all in, our very will to live on.

Hate is not a foil, to those of evil destruction.

Love is not a loss, under every threat of end.

But what is most abundant, in our true hearts,

Is the strength to carry on, right from the start.

And how we do that, is by now returning to it,

Rewinding to a time, when our wicks were lit,

Before the fire went out, before the bad doubt,

Before the deadening, of mighty mission now.

Otherwise, there is no point in even moving on.

Only the righteous of spirit, will so hang on in.

Only the ones who do it, for a higher holy hand,

Will be those left standing, strongly undaunted.

For our love is evergreen, even on coldest peak.

Our will to live pure, falters not now for peace.

Our stillness is a testament, to our old resolve,

As we stand hand-in-hand, forever so absolved.

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