Meet Me In The Middle


We may fiddle, with the riddle,

We may dabble, in the babble,

We may bumble, under rubble,

We may stumble, over trouble,

We may hedge, our best bets,

We may short, our last jests,

We may sabotage, every cost,

We may labor over, every loss,

We may circumvent, bad ends,

We may learn to vent, to friends,

We may turn cheek, to keep peace,

We may learn to be, in one league,

We may turn and stand, we may bend,

We may burn or repent, or so defend,

We may rise above, we may fall so low,

We may tie it down, in the undertow …

We may wonder more on how to sound,

We may summon something new now,

We may remember we are of one seed,

We may return to whom we all will be …

We may not see eye-to-eye, in the lies,

We may not hold hand-in-hand in time,

But what we can do is keep faith in line,

One day will come unity to the climb …

So meet me in the middle for our own sake,

We need some healing on both sides today,

The past is gone and the future never was,

All that belongs to us now is everlasting us.

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