Me & My Old Man

Fell down those old steps tripped
A little kid just out of one’s reach
When we lived out at the beach
But my father caught me he did
Broke out on my own with a pack
Of wolves in my teens cutting
My teeth in my youthful wilds
While my dad did his best pass
Coming into my own middle ages
Grew resentful of all the anger
And yet conflicted by the graces
Finally to learn none’s an angel
Now me and my old man can do talk
Like friends on a walk on the dock
Looking out over the last horizons
Of life reconciling its surprises
Me and my old man will never be like
The same again and so goes life
Lies and laughs line up to fire
As every last little spark retires
But one thing to be said at end is
Just as messy as life gets it’s this
That no matter what goes down now
You know you are loved despite how
We do our best when raising us up
We set us free and then pull us up
We stand our ground as we feel best
But ultimately time tells the test
Of whether you will grow into a man
Be your own self apart from any plan
The boy must go away in order to stand
In order to right himself by his own hand

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