Learn To Let It Go

Maybe you met, some hardship,

Maybe you parted, ways,

With a friend, and then,

The hardest part, was to pretend,

That it was always, meant to end.


Tell me you let, sun set too long,

Tell me your, darkest days.

With an ear and heart,

I will listen to the pain, and parse,

Lines to find, the rain on the mend.


There was once a world, like yours,

Some of us walked, before.

Some of us fell, behind,

But some so rose up, strong again,

With help of stranger, and a friend.


And the advice, we were given,

The sage wisdom, more,

Likened, ancient lore:

What we hold on to, we become,

And what let go, we overcome.


You’ve got to learn, to let it go:

Let it go, and be done.

Run, from the demons.

Be one, with the sun, in season,

For no reason, but kingdom come.

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