Ashes Over Ipperwash

Open your eyes child, you have yet to walk,

You have yet to see, you have yet now to talk,

You have yet to dream, upon clouds beyond,

You have yet to live, for life awaits us along …

Now there is nothing, but freedom to sing,

Nothing, but a world, to explore everything,

Nothing, but a chance, to do your own thing,

Nothing, but a gift, a dance upon a string …

And in the middle, there is a beat, a big bend,

A quiet, in the eye of the storm, of reflection,

As well as a casting forward, toward the end,

To tell the future, while remembering before …

But all things wind on, toward oblivion in time,

As the sunset of our lives, flickers on the rise.

And so be it we must follow, the order of life …

First we fly, then we fold, back into the light.

So close your lids then, little one grown old,

Time to fly back, to whence you so unfolded,

Back to before birth, when once in time did,

The future you, the past you, stand reunited …

Ashes over Ipperwash, wash us of our sins …

We all come up clean, ever end up undone.

In the earthly churn, the worldly whirlwind,

Inevitably all will bend back down into One …

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