Ninety-Nine Young

Take a check, a turn of divining,
In the middle, of this old mess,
In the space, between the lines,
Where races run, out of breath.

Stop and stare, at yourself now,
In the mirror, amidst this new hell,
And let out a sigh, of self-doubt.
Let every last, worry drain down.

Check your years, past and cast,
Out to the end, long planned act,
Denouement into darkness, relief,
Solace, in what remains to seek.

Ninety-nine years, a drop of rain,
A sign-post at, crossing of change.
A wisp of wisdom, all it ever takes,
To remember, revisit yourself again.

The Pyramids Of Pride

Pointing up, to a night sky,
A canopy, of twinkling stars,
The mystery, of the pyramids,
Remains, so unsolved tonight.

Annointing history, in mystery,
Enticing us, to cast back rays,
Of thought upon, where we came,
From, sands of time’s old grains.

Lines drawn, in the aftermaths,
Of civilizations seeded, before,
Sketch out, cosmic processions,
As we etch our names, in today.

The pyramids of pride, rise up,
In every millenia, of evolution,
As humankind achieves, its apex,
Again and again, in time’s tides.