bodyland small“Embodiement” 2007 3×4 Acrylic On Stretched Canvas

This was one of the ‘Alpha Eight’ Series in 2007, all of which were finished over an 8 month period.  This piece has been displayed in London Music Club & Central Library.  Most admirers notice a human body form, including lungs and torso.  I often point out it also reminds me of an overland perspective of water and earth.  The two interpretations seem complementary and I sometimes consider calling it Overland Souls.

The original is long since sold, but various print replicas are available, see prices below.  These jpegs are free for personal use if you wish to save them for your wallpaper, etc..

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bodyland med“Embodiement” 3×4 Acrylic 2007

Original – Sold

3’x4′ Gallery Profile Vinyl Print Replica – $200 + tax

16″x24″ Gallery Profile Vinyl Print Replica – $50 + tax

3’x4′ Vinyl Print Banner Poster – $50 + tax

16″x24″ Vinyl Print Banner Poster – $20 + tax

(Free Shipping in London, Ontario)

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"Embodiement" 2007 3x4 Acrylic

“Embodiement” 2007 3×4 Acrylic

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