Dark Bandit Sun

bandit cover copyKyle Kane loved his job in security. He had a good girl and regularity. But then one day he was laid off and it all began to unravel. His relationships frayed, his health deteriorated–and he began to sink into a desperate depression. So he determined to put an end to everything, by killing himself with the very gun he had used to protect people for twelve years. But what he did not expect, was for Fate to intervene–under the attentive care of an old Grey wizard named Om, who had for centuries practiced in giving suicides second chances.


sunspots660 lyrical quatrains on lost love, the tenuous course of the world–and the challenge of being human.

The passages are nimble, cryptic pieces evoking hope and caution. They quickly become metaphysical or existential, on the turn of a word. They often culminate in tongue-twisters, or nonsensical syntheses–just to see if you’re still reading.  Sunspots was first released in 2007 and remains Torr’s standing published work of pure poetry.


Heavens Ahead

future cover copyIn the Future, Humanity discovers both Time Travel and Immortality. Tempors are sent back into the Past to Retrieve deserving Souls before they pass on to the Afterlife–bringing them forward to a New Afterlife–where they can live forever in what comes to be called Eterniti–ruled by the Aegeless One, who comes between God and Devil–standing in as a last waystation before Judgment calls on the human soul. But when Love becomes the victim of this Great Divide–then all those involved in changing the Timeline are compromised–as Hell Falls Behind …


xxxNot long after they moved in together, Eva’s black-outs got so bad that her relationship with Seven became strained-as his thoughts started drifting back to his ex Faye, who was all but a ghost to him now. So when she insisted that he take her to French’s Forest, to visit with his reclusive family for the first time, the horror of introducing her to his strange fanged kin was only secondary in concern, next to his mounting fear that Faye would grow dangerously jealous of Eva-and try to take back what She felt was rightfully Hers.


masquerade cover 300When Gavin Callow moved to New London to take care of his grandson Devin Drake, after the boy’s folk perished in a fated plane crash one Halloween Eve–he never would have guessed where his growing suspicions would lead him–and what his secret black arts would soon unleash. He would spend the rest of his days hunting down the monsters of his own conjuring–in a desperate effort to redeem his soul before the end times were over. Meanwhile, the Devilbilly Motherships began arriving–and all of Earth faced a long, dark reckoning. So the first wave of the Ichen Invasion began …


Curriculum Vitae

“His writing is a gift. [The Sunspots Of Serendipity] is extraordinary.” – Philip Aziz, International Master

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